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How Can Clenbutrol Benefit Cancer Patients?

17 Jul 18
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There are a number of cancer patients, who, instead of losing weight, are gaining weight despite their illness. The reason for the weight gain may be anywhere from a malfunctioning of their digestive system to a totally useless metabolic system.  For them, the new dietary supplement Clenbutrol or Clenbuterol that claims to be safe to use might very be very tempting.

However,, the manufacturer and distributor of the new supplement will naturally wash its hands of any potential lawsuit by saying the obvious – that the use of Clenbutrol will depend on the individual’s care specialist. [ref]

 Although it is natural to assume that a person with cancer and consumes a whole pharmacy of medications, not to mention, undergoes chemotherapy, will take the precaution of asking their doctors about taking a weight loss supplement like Clenbutrol, there are still those who take their vanity quite seriously and go blindly without their doctor’s approval. [ref]

Undoubtedly a bad move on their part! Maybe for those in the early stages of cancer, they might get away with it but who knows what the long-term effects may be, being that the supplement is quite new to the market and not enough studies of actual usage effects are even available.[ref]

With Clenbutrol’s popularity on the rise, aside from precautions set out by the manufacturer, distributor and dealers, doctors dealing with patients with illnesses that warrant weight loss or weight management must be informed intentionally of the effects of the product – even if it is marketed only as a supplement.[ref]

Despite their disclaimers, the sources should take it upon themselves as their responsibility towards human life to do all that is necessary to inform and educate about their new product on the market. Inasmuch as it generates great financial benefits for them, they should also take into consideration the health and welfare of their clients.

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Tea Extract Weight Loss-Surprising Studies Reveal The Weight Loss Properties Of Tea Extract

The tea extract – weight loss connection has been scientifically proven. There are two ways to lose weight. One is to reduce energy intake (calories) and the other is to increase energy expenditure. A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that green tea extract increased energy expenditure through higher metabolism and also had an effect on fat oxidation. In summary, the tea extract worked on both sides of the weight loss coin.

Benefits of green tea extract for cancer treatment [ref]

Originally, the tea extract weight loss connection was thought to be the result of the caffeine in the tea. But, the researchers discovered that the tea’s properties go beyond what could be naturally expected from the caffeine content. When they administered the same amount of caffeine alone, they foud that there was no change in energy expenditure. This leads us to believe that there is an interaction between the active ingredients of green tea that leads to weight loss.