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Greener Business for a Greener Tomorrow

07 Jun 18
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Business ethics always insist on giving back to the community. The purpose of businesses, the purpose of the common infrastructure made for businesses is not for the private gain but for the greater public good. And this obviously includes the protection and compassion for the Mother Nature.

Officially almost all of the big multi-national businesses have budgets allocated for environmental causes and their industrial procedures molded back to more eco-friendly. Here we are not going to say or do anything about it but putting forward some suggestions for the very small home businesses to the local pawn shops.

For starters, let’s discuss the issue of paper. The simple paper when write on and throw after is made from crushing hundreds of trees. Put a hold on the paper use then. This is the digital age and therefore any records can be kept digitally. Send your customers the invoices via email and stop hurting our trees.

Next fundamental thing that can make your business greener is the energy use. Whether it is the electricity used for the administration or the fossil fuels used in many sectors there are always a space to cut off or reduce.

Freon is Evil, Air is Divine

The Bahrain World Trade Centre is a twin tower complex with three wind turbines integrated in between them which collectively can generate around 15% of the power needed for the building a year. This is equivalent to lighting up 300 homes every year.

When a complete corporate entity is doing this much for the green, if you are in closed room with always on air conditioner, don’t you think it’s a bit evil? Yes, at places like Bahrain itself with extreme climate conditions, it is justifiable to live inside an air conditioned room. But at other regions of the world, people neglect the possibility to turn off the air conditioner and burst open the windows.

The evil of cooling agents like Freon is twofold. One is the necessarily the toxic nature of it and another is the large amount electrical energy required for the processing of it. When you are adopting an organic way of life you can’t neglect both these repercussions. Our advice is to open up the windows and put up a fan. The majority of the climate conditions are more than livable with these facilities alone. After all, at times, nature brings us fresh breeze to enchant in.

Whats Up Hot Share

31 May 17
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So what do people share on whatsapp messenger? Here is the compilation of small list. Watch & enjoy

One more funny video collection

Everlasting Relationship Tips

And now the interesting twist

Do Low Sugar Diet Plans Work For Everyone?


Low sugar diet plans are one of the most sought after diet plans as they promise to give out the best results to those who follow it. It works on the simple concept that the body breaks down the carbohydrates into simple sugars and that sugar goes through your blood to critical body organs. It is important to maintain a consistent sugar level. The excess sugars remain in our system as fat deposits which cause the person to gain weight and also lead to many diseases. People who follow the low sugar diet plan find it extremely hard to stick to it because they crave for food on high sugar.

However, it is only recommended for diabetic patients and it is not for someone who is looking to shed a few pounds. This diet plan ensures that minimal amount of sugar enters your body and it is not for sudden weight loss. Maintaining a healthy body is all about giving our body what it needs rather than depriving it of it. It is important to consume healthy food at the right time. Exercise also plays an important part in maintaining healthy body rather than depriving it of much needed nutrients.

Video Production Techniques

12 Apr 17
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Video production is concerned mostly with non-broadcast program making and is generally distributed through DVDs or online. These types of productions are usually made on low budgets, which does not mean they are not seen by many people. On the contrary, millions of people watch them daily, as it is the case with the productions cast on Youtube.

Due to the amazing advances in technology, the differences between video production and television production are becoming more and more limited and unclear. Besides the type of budget and the size of the production team, which is obviously bigger in the case of television, one significant difference lies in that TV production gets broadcast to large numbers of people, by satellite or cable transmission, either live or recorded. TV transmissions are required to follow strictly controlled technical standards. Yet, TV productions may be considered a type of video production once they have been distributed through a non-broadcast method as the ones mentioned above.

Video- Learn from a Master!

Although video production seems little complex, due to the way the equipment has been designed for quick easy use, yet there might be a problem in actually doing it. The problem usually occurs because of the human factor in case there is no or little talent, passion and commitment to it.

The video camera gives us, the users, an immediate picture of the scene in front of us and the microphone picks up the sound of the action on the spot. Most of the users just point the video camera and microphone at the subject and start recording but the result is often dissatisfying. Thus, no matter how easy it may seem, video production involves a few know-how principles beside the producer’s talent of choosing the right subject and the right lighting effects. It is important that you know how to handle the equipment and the effects of its various controls and functions properly, how to use the equipment effectively – developing the skills required for good camerawork and sound production, convey ideas and emotions convincingly – using the medium persuasively, as well as organize it systematically – using practical planning, preparation, and production.

If we discuss video production from the professional perspective, we can say it is both an art and a service meant to videotape, edit and distribute a finished video product. It can include television production, corporate and event videos and commercial video production. Corporate video production covers a wide variety of purposes, from corporate communication, training and education to recording conferences and conventions, sales or other events. Video production can also be used at different events whether they are for school, sporting, wedding, and church.