Chalene’s Turbofire V/s TurboJam Workouts

Chalene Johnson, the Beachbody hot coach recently released a high intensity cardio workouts called TurboFire. You can read the review here. Below Chalene explains the main difference between RurboFire, TurboJam and Turbo Kick. Watch the video carefully!

1000’s people got great results with Chalene’s earlier program. Looks at following testimonials.

After doing Insanity, I thought Turbofire was going to be a piece of cake. But i have to say, this woman is kicking my ass! Amazing workout, real results, and it’s so much fun! Thank you Chalene!

I’ve been doing Chalene’s workouts for 5 years because they’re fun, effective, motivating and the best of any I’ve tried. And I’m a junkie so I’ve tried them all. Every time I try something new I keep going back to Chalene’s video’s. plus I don’t know why but she doesn’t annoy me. Other fitness people sometimes their voices grate on my nerves!

Thankyou Chalene, you have put together amazing workouts.. I am still on Turbojam and loving it, doing my own thing with it really (my favourite so far is cardio party mix 2) but yea, i am definately saving for turbo fire. you have made work out time fun and i look forward to it.. i talk about it to my friends all the time.. i’m gonna wait till i have lost about 50lbs before i buy turbo fire but i cannot wait til i am at that point.. again.. thankyou i am so greatful

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